School Update 3/8/18

Weekly Reminders

Good Evening, We hope that you have all weathered this latest storm with heat and electricity. We know how rough and trying these last few days have been and hope it only gets better from here on out. It seems that there is 2 scenarios that could happen tomorrow.

1. 3 Hour Delay

In the case of a 3 hour delay we will try to get everyone in as soon as possible. Since the snow won’t be stopping until around 5am it is going to be impossible to open up at 7am. There is also a State of Emergency declared until 9am so it would be impossible to get there and clear the entrance in time to open earlier. Daycare will open up at 9am because our staff will have to get in and get the school ready. The AM session students will not be able to come in due to the school age children getting on the bus around 11am. Full Day students will be able to come in at 11am. PM students can come at their normal times.

2. No School

In the case of Yorktown closing tomorrow it seems it would be due to the snow and not electrical issues. We received the call from Yorktown tonight and it seems that even if Crompond doesn’t have power tomorrow and the snow is cleared they will still have school for the other schools with a 3 hour delay. Therefor, we are assuming that if he announces No School tomorrow it would be due to the road conditions. In this case we will be closing the school as well for the safety of our staff and students.

Both of these plans are contingent on the districts changing their schedules if road conditions change. They have all the resources and staff to make these decisions that we do not have.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but want our students and staff to be safe. We have a new building proposal going in front of the planning board this spring which would allow us to accommodate all students in situations with 2/3 hour delays/conference days/half days.

Due to the change in schedule Grandparents Day for Thursday will be moved to next Tuesday March 13th. We will keep you informed of any further changes to tomorrows schedule.

Thank You.

Kathy & Max