School Program

The Pied Piper program is a blend of free play time and structured time. In preparing your child for elementary school, there are times when the child governs and initiates his/her own activities, with teacher interatction when necessary. There are also times when projects or activities are teacher initiated and everyone is working towards the same goals.

The concepts of early exposure to the arts for pre-school age children is an attempt to give an alternative to numerous years of traditional education, often starting as early as two or three.

The Pied Piper program covers the NYS Core Curriculum through music, art, theatre and dance. In conjunction with this, specialized skills such as interaction, initiative, cooperation and creativity naturally occur. Your child’s first exposure to learning will determine attitudes towards education and the acquisition of new skills.

Daily Routine (sample of AM/PM routines)
9:00 / 12:15 – Arrival, greeting and table work.
9:30 / 12:45 – Free play
10:00 / 1:15 – Clean up to music.
10:05 / 1:20 – Music and movement.
All age groups come together for seasonal songs, hand movements and dance.
10:20 / 1:40 – Age Groups Divide.
Beginners, Intermediates & Pre-K’s go into small groups to work on their individual cirriculum, story and circle time.
10:35 / 2:00 – Groups Switch.
Groups switch teachers for art and small group instruction.
11:00 / 2:15 – Snack Time
Everyone brings in a labeled lunch box with snack, drink and show and tell.
11:15 / 2:30 – Special classes.
Children participate in instrument class, computer, writing workshop, physical education, ESL and other classes.
11:40/ 2:40 – Gross motor play. Children are taken outside to a large fenced in play area.
11:45 / 3:00 -Dismissal
**full day school (9:00-3:00) and extended day (8:00-5:00 and 7:00 – 6:00) are also available.

Music Objectives
The music program at Pied Piper is an integral part of the children’s day. Music cues are used to signal clean up time, circle time and partner time. Singing together is done to welcome the children to each session. We sing seasonal songs, learn hand signals and dance. Individual groups also receive instruction in percussion instruments, recorder, xylophone and piano. Two yearly recitals give each age group a chance to shine on our stage.

Art Objectives
The art program is designed to allow children to explore their own creativity through the use of varied art media and tools (collage, painting, chalk, crayons, pencils and clay). Art is an integral part of the school program and is used to reinforce and enhance all subject matter. Projects are designed according to the ability of individual groups. Children develop basic skills related to art projects and self confidence in having control of the art materials.

Pied Piper Birthday Parties
Have your child’s party in a fun, safe enviroment with- people you know! Parties are available on Saturdays from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm for Pied Piper students. You choose any theme and invite as many Pipers as you would like. We provide a poster, art project, games and supervision.

For more information about Birthday Parties, Call Max (914)962-5196

The Pied Piper School is MAT Certified to administer prescription medications which include:

  • EPI Pens
  • Auto Inhalers
  • Nebulizers
  • Oral Medications
  • Topical Medications



THEMES: Rain Gear, Jungle & Zoo Animals, Water, Easter & Passover


COLORS: Purple




THEMES: Caring For The Earth, Planting Seeds, Water Cycle, Extinct Animals,


LETTERS: Writing Your First Name

COLORS: Color Patterns

SHAPES: Decagon

*Our Clifford Weekly Reader is Ordered so Send in $8.00 to cover the year. Thank You


THEMES: How Things Grow, Bus Ride & Bus Safety, Reading cvc Works, Occupations

NUMBERS: 1-70, Counting by 2’s

LETTERS: Lower Case Letters, Vowels,

HOMEWORK: Learn Mom and Dad’s Occupations.

Fall Kindergarten Students- You SHOULD be registered. Don’t forget that important 5-year old physical that we have been talking about at school. Yorktown is now full day Kindergarten SO it is a good idea to add 9-3 to your child’s schedule to get them use to the full day schedules.

*Our Weekly Reader is Ordered so Send in $8.00 to cover the year. Thank You

Pre-K’s get homework every day. It can be found in their school folder in their backpack. One side is marked HOMEWORK and the other side is FINISHED WORK Homework is meant to be a connection between home and school not a source of stress. If it is returned they get stickers and lots of praise for a job well done!

*Reminder that Brownie(our guinea pig) and Marshmallow(our rabbit) can visit homes on weekends. If your child is interested in petsitting some of our wonderful Pied Piper Pets you can contact the school to arrange a weekend with our pets.