Medical Update

Good morning Pied Piper Families,

We would like to provide an update for you regarding the email we sent out yesterday in order to answer the most common questions we have been receiving. The family member that has tested positive is a parent of a student in the preschool program and was present at 8:40 drop-off on Monday and Wednesday of this past week. The parent dropped off their child at the entrance of our building; however, they were not in our building for a prolonged period of time and had no direct contact with any other child or staff member. The family is following DOH recommendation to self-quarentine for two weeks to prevent additional exposure.

We have been in contact with The New York State Department of Health as to their policies and procedure for us going forward. We discussed the situation directly with a representative of the Department of Health and their recommendation was to continue following the guidelines as outlined on their website to ensure the continued safety of the students, families and staff of the Pied Piper community. We have also been in contact with the Town of Yorktown Town Hall as well as the Yorktown Central School District to discuss with them the Department of Health procedures we will continue to be following going forward.

Over the weekend, an extensive deep clean will be performed including a non-toxic disinfectant mister that is being used in large public facilities to help eliminate the spread of viral and bacterial pathogens.  We plan to be open Monday morning after our extensive deep clean. We will be sending our weekly Sunday night update that will include additional procedures for; arrival, dismissal and disinfection protocols to be put in place this week to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of our Pied Piper community.

If you have any specific concerns regarding your child’s health or exposure, please contact your pediatrician or medical professionals. For any additional information regarding current Department of Health and CDC protocols, please refer to the websites listed below.

Enjoy your weekend,

Kathy, Max and Molly

This is the link to the NYS Department of Health to stay updated on what is going on in New York:

This is the link to the CDC website if you want to find out more information about the Corona Virus: